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Illinois All-Grade Chess Championships
1st Place Kindergarten Team - Avery Coonley of Downers Grove
1st Place 1st Grade Team - Avery Coonley of Downers Grove
1st Place 2nd Grade Team - Avery Coonley of Downers Grove
1st Place 3rd Grade Team - Decatur Classical of Chiccago
1st Place 5th Grade Team - Highcrest Middle School of Wilmette
1st Place 8th Grade Team - Wilmette Jr. High of Wilmette

2nd Place 3rd Grade Team - Romona of Wilmette
2nd Place 4th Grade Team – Decatur Classical of Chicago
2nd Place 5th Grade Team - Avoca West of Glenview

3rd Place 2nd Grade Team - Decatur Classical of Chicago
3rd Place 4th Grade Team - Avery Coonley School of Downers Grove

4th Place 2nd Grade Team - Bell Elementary of Chicago
5th Place 2nd Grade Team - Romona of Wilmette

National Championships

8th Place K-1 Championship Team from Avery Coonley
10th Place K-3 Championship Team from Avery Coonley
11th Place U1250 Team from Avery Coonley
14th Place K-8 Championship Team from Wilmette Jr. High
17th Place K-5 Championship Team from Avery Coonley
Plus many individual winners in the top 100 in the country from
Avery Coonley, Wilmette Jr. High and Decatur Classical

Illinois K-8 State Championships

1st Place K-1 Team from Avery Coonley
1st Place 2-3 Team from Decatur Classical Academy
1st Place 4-5 Team from Avery Coonley
2nd Place 2-3 Team from Avoca West School
2nd Place 6-8 from Wilmette Jr. High School
3rd Place 2-3 from Avery Coonley School
4th Place K-1 from Decatur Classical Academy
4th Place 2-3 from Romona School
4th Place 4-5 Highcrest Middle School
6th Place 4-5 from Avoca West School
7th Place 6-8 from Avery Coonley School


2015 National K-6 Championships

4th Place Individual K-6 from Highcrest
5th Place K-1 Team from Avery Coonley
11th Place K-6 Team from Highcrest
15th Place K-3 Team from Avery Coonley
16th Place Individual K-5 from Decatur Academy
27th Place K-6 under 1000 Team from Avery Coonley
Plus many individual students in the top 100 in the country.

2015 Illinois State Championships

1st Place Team – grades 6-8 – Highcrest/Wilmette Jr. High (This is the second year in a row the team has come in first out of 58 teams!)
Top individual – grade 6-8 with a perfect score (Wilmette Jr. High)
Top girl player in the K-1 section (Romona Elem)
1st Place Team – grade 2-3 – Avery Coonley School out of 68 teams
1st Place Team – K-1 – Avery Coonley School out of 43 teams
3rd Place Team – grade 4-5 – Decatur – out of 58 teams
6th Place Team – grade 6-8 – Avery Coonley School
6th Place Team – grade 4-5 – Avery Coonley School
7th Place Team – grade 6-8 – Taft (With only a 3-player team)
8th Place Team – grade 2-3 – Romona (1/2 point away from 5th Place)
10th Place Team – Romona (With only 2 players)
15th Place Team – grade 2-3 – Decatur

2015 Chicago Public School Academic Chess K-8 Championship

1st Place – Decatur K-2
2nd Place – Decatur K-6
2nd Place – Taft K-8
4th Place – Edgebrook K-4
8th Place – Edison K-4
4th Place – Ogden K-6
6th Place – Bell K-8
7th Place – Bell K-6
7th Place – Edgebrook K-8

Many individual students placed in the top 20 of the city.


Illinois All Grade Championship

1st Place Team – Highcrest 5th Grade
1st Place Team – Highcrest 6th Grade
1st Place Team – Romona 3rd Grade
2nd Place Team – Avery Coonley 2nd Grade
2nd Place Team – Taft Middle School 8th Grade
3rd Place Team – Avery Coonley 6th Grade
6th Place Team – Avery Coonley 4th Grade
8th Place National Championship Team K-6
Highcrest Middle School of Wilmette
Plus several students placed in the top 100 in the country within their individual sections.

2014 State Champions
1st Place Team – grade 4-5 – Highcrest
1st Place Individual – grade 6-8
2nd Place Team – grade 4-5 – Decatur
2nd Place Individual – grade 4-5

Chicago City-Wide Championship
1st Place K-8 – Taft
1st Place K-4 – Decatur
2nd Place K-8 – Edison Gifted
2nd Place K-2 – Decatur
Tied for 2nd Place K-6 – Bell and Decatur
(receiving 3rd and 4th place honors)
5th Place K-4- Edgebrook
6th Place K-2 – Edgebrook
8th Place K – 4 – Edison Gifted


2013 State Champions
1st Place Individual – 4th grade - Decatur
2nd Place K-8–4th -5th grade – Romona/Highcrest team

Chicago Public Schools 2013 K-8 Championships
1st Place Team – K-6 - Decatur
1st Place Team – K-4 - Decatur
2nd Place Team – K-8 – Edison
2nd Place Team – K-6 - Edgebrook
2nd Place Team – K-2 - Bell
4th Place team – K-6 - Bell
4th Place Team – K-2 - Edgebrook

2013 Indian Trails Library Championship
1st Place Team K-5—Romona, Wilmette
1st Place Team K-2—Romona, Wilmette

2012 Illinois State All Grade Champions
1st Place Team - 4th Grade from Romona Elementary, Wilmette
Also claimed 7 top individual honors

Chicago Public Schools K-8 2012 Champions
1st Place Team – K-6 Decatur Classical School, Chicago
Tied 1st Place Team K-2 Decatur Classical
Tied 1st Place Team K-4 Decatur and Bell, Chicago
Also claimed 13 top individual honors

Chicago Regional Chess Tournament
1st Place K-4 Decatur Classical School
2nd Place K-2 Decatur Classical School

Chicago City Wide Tournament
2nd Place and 3rd Place Decatur Classical School
Individual winners Greater Chicago Championships
Several Individual awards as well.

City Wide Champions
Decatur Classical School, Chicago

City Wide Champions
Decatur Classical, Chicago

Illinois All State Championships
Individual winners in each grade


Illinois All Grade State champions
1st Place 1st Grade Individual Winner –
Washington School, Park Ridge
2nd Place 2nd Grade Individual Winner –
Washington School, Park Ridge

2004 - 2007
McKenzie State Champions, Wilmette


CHESS-ED is the premier provider of chess enrichment classes in schools and the sponsor of KUMBAYA tournaments, workshops and summer camps. We teach skills that last a lifetime: focus, patience and problem solving. Questions? Contact us at info@chess-ed.com

100th Kumbaya Chess Tournament
On Sunday, March 5th, we will hold our 100th Chess Tournament. To celebrate, there will be bigger and more trophies and fun surprises throughout the day. Don't miss this one! Click here for more.

CHESS-ED Congratulates Its Team Winners at the Illinois All Grade Championship
CHESS-ED helped students reach their full potential at the Illinois All-Grade Chess Championships this past weekend. Over 400 students from around the state gathered to compete in the all day competition, held at Naperville High School. Chess is considered the "Sport of the Mind" and enhances analytical and critical thinking skills which are applicable in all areas of life. See Chess-Ed Student Accomplishments (the column at left) for a list of winning schools. Congratulations all!

Opportunities Available for Instructors and Administrative Support
Browse our site and learn about our high standards and goals for children in the Chicago area. If you feel like you might be a fit for one of our instructor or support positions, we would like to hear from you. Please contact info@chess-ed.com.

CHESS-ED Students Meet Grandmasters
Attending a CHESS-ED class is a wonderful way for students to expand their chess knowledge while getting to meet chess enthusiasts from all over the Chicago area. GM Michael Roiz, Olympiad Silver Medalist, GM Victor Mikhalevski, Olympiad Bronze Medalist, and GM Varuzhan Akobian, the 2013 World Open Champion
are among the grandmasters who have joined the CHESS-ED staff to teach lessons and provide "Q&A with a Grandmaster" sessions. It is CHESS-ED's privilege to bring these and other famous world class grandmasters to the Chicago area to coach our students.

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